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Most Patient Programs are held in Santa Barbara, CA, at the beautiful La Casa de Maria Retreat Center.

Next Patient Retreat:
Nov 27- Dec 2
All sessions are small and private, insuring highly personal attention. Call
  (800) 459-3424  or
     (818) 879-7904

All your gifts or donations to the Simonton Cancer Center are tax deductible

Ten Tenets of the Simonton Cancer Program
  1. Our emotions significantly influence health and recovery from disease (including cancer). Emotions are a strong driving force in the immune system and other healing systems.

  2. Our beliefs and attitudes influence our emotions thereby affecting our health and healing systems.

  3. We can significantly influence our beliefs and attitudes. As a result we shape our emotions, and therefore, significantly influence our health.

  4. Ways of influencing beliefs, attitudes and emotions can be readily taught and learned by using a variety of accessible methods that are presented in this program.

  5. All of us function as physical, mental, social and spiritual/philosophical beings. These aspects need to be addressed in the broad context of healing, with a focus on the particular needs of a person who is ill, and that person's family, community, and culture.

  6. Harmony is central to health - balance among the physical, mental, and spiritual/philosophical aspects of being. This extends to relationships with self, family, friends, community, planet, and universe.

  7. We have inherent (genetic, instinctual) tendencies and abilities that aid us in moving in the direction of health and harmony (physical, mental, spiritual/philosophical and social).

  8. These abilities can be developed and implemented in meaningful ways through existing techniques and methods that are presented in this program.

  9. As these abilities are developed, proficiency evolves, as when learning other skills. The results is greater harmony and improved quality of life, which significantly impacts one's state of health.

  10. These skills and insights also change our relationship with death by lessening our fear and pain, and freeing more energy for getting well and living life more fully today.
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H O M E       P R O G R A M S      T R A I N I N G       I N T E R N A T I O N A L       B O O K S T O R E       R E S O U R C E S      F A Q      A B O U T   U S